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The BuzzKill is a practice aid for brass players that allows you to practice without disturbing those around you.


I am happy to announce that we are back to business as usual as of Monday, May 25. We will be shipping to to addresses in North America as normal.

For the time being we will only be shipping once per week.

International shipments may not be possible for some locations at this time. Please contact us prior to ordering to confirm whether we are able to ship to your country. info@buzzkill.buzz


We think the BuzzKill is a great practice tool but don't take our word for it, here's what others have to say:

Paul Tynan - International jazz artist, professor of music at St. Francis Xavier University.

Trumpet great, Wayne Bergeron is happy about getting  his BuzzKill.

"It works better than your original version. I love the fact that it is dishwasher friendly. It's in the glove compartment of my car where it gets visited and used on a daily basis. Thank you so much Chris, it's awesome."  

- Roger Ingram - Harry Connick Jr., Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson

“I have been using BuzzKill for a few months now and like it very much.  My job involves much travel (and no room to take a horn along) the BuzzKill is a nice way to be able to blow on the mouthpiece with a bit of resistance and not be too loud.  I also like the "no schmutz" factor.  Works well for me.”

“I’ve been buzzing my mouthpiece since before I studied with Jimmy Stamp many, many years ago. Now I am using the BuzzKill as part of my regular playing day.” 

- Jon Lewis, LA studio musician

“My BuzzKill works great! I demonstrated it for my less than tolerant of my practicing daughter (teenager :) and she gave it a thumbs up. Thanks!”

What is a BuzzKill?

The BuzzKill is a practice aid for brass musicians that allows you to buzz on your mouthpiece no matter where you happen to be without disturbing those around you. The adjustable resistance feature allows you to dial in just the right feel for you. A quick twist adjusts the resistance and volume level for your surroundings. Compact and ruggedly built. Perfect for warming up backstage. Toss one in your case, your glove compartment or anywhere you might feel the need to practice.

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